Our Famous Catering Platters



Sandwich and Wrap Platters

We usually do this part for you unless you specify. Made to order, based on number of people to be served.  Typically, platter is divided between lunchmeats on French bread and our homemade deli salads in wraps.  All sandwiches contain American cheese, lettuce & tomatoes.  Deli meats include OvenGold turkey, rotisserie-seasoned chicken breast, Virginia baked ham, roast beef, pastrami & genoa salami.  Deli salads include chicken, tuna, seafood & egg.  Vegetarian options are also available.  Sandwiches are all $6.99 but are cut in halves for serving purposes. If you choose to get sides we suggest you order less sandwiches as they are cut in half and are large portions.

Signature  Wraps

Mix up the variety, our Signature wraps are also available for luncheon platters at the same price.  Feel free to choose your personal favorites to be included.  Please refer to the wraps and cold sandwiches section and we'll throw it together nicely.

                              Side Salads

Made to order, based on number of people to be served.  (Typically, a 4 oz. portion of side salad per person.)   Choose from Garden (lettuce, tomatoes, English cucumbers, red bell peppers & matchstick carrots), Macaroni Salad, Tri-Color Rotini Pasta and Fresh Fruit seasonally.  Approximately $2.50 per side salad per person; less, if more than one side chosen.

                              Dessert Platters

Available in Small at $39.99 (feeds up to 20 people), Medium at $49.99 (up to 30 people) and Large at $59.99 (up to 40 people).  All sizes contain a variety of homemade cookies, brownies, etc.  For a smaller party, bakery boxes filled with cookies, bars & brownies are available, based on number being served.                                            Beverages

A variety of canned soda, diet soda, Pure Leaf iced tea, Aquafina water, Sobe juice drinks & G2 Gatorade soft drinks.


We supply all paper goods including plates, cups, straws, napkins, utensils, dressings & croutons (for garden salads), as well as mayo, mustard and salt & pepper packets at no cost.


We charge a flat rate of $10.00 for delivery to local areas. Anything beyond the local area is subject to a higher fee.



We look forward to being of service!  Please call us at 860-779-3795 with any questions.